Instagram @ashworthartandhomepreview-1Welcome to Ashworth Art and Home! I’m Kristin and I am a hand lettering artist and maker located in San Diego, California.  Each day, I create something new – whether it is a beautiful hand lettered piece of art, a recipe or something for our pets; and I will document my creations right here! Thank you for joining me! I can be found on Etsy and Instagram @ashworthartandhome or by email at kristin@ashworthartandhome.com.


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I always told you that you had an amazing lettering style! Now I need to get my quotes together and hire you!!

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  2. Just received my two beautiful pieces from you for my little baby granddaughters of the song I sing to them. What beautiful treasures! You are so very gifted!

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  3. Kristin made me the most beautiful watercolor canvas design- she was intuitive in picking up on what I wanted and attentive in sending proofs and replying to emails. She worked hard to make sure I absolutely LOVED my piece, and I do!!! Thank you, Kristin!

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